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Sintineddi’ .. and the lofty solitude of mountains

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Most certainly one of the first and most imposing, majestic sights upon arrival on this island. Their overall puissance can be sensed most intensely, it’s a sentiment you carry around with you too, escorting in some ways, and vigilant – personally, I have always felt their complicity and protection, which is not the way with everybody, I admit, but such sincere safeguard is, in my opinion, quite overwhelming always.

But, isn’t  the island an eminence itself in the middle of the sea? certes – with around 1700 summits, going from 300-2710m, an authentic chain of peaks, one could say.

Composed of granite mostly, and sometimes slate, with the sovereign Monte Cinto (2710m) being literally ‘the roof of the island’ – an amazing remark here too, it is only 20km from the sea …

A succession of melodious names can be attributed to these wonders:
Paglia Orba, Monte Rotondo, Monte d’Oro, Capu Tafanatu, Monte Renoso, Punta di A capella, Monte Incudine and the needles of Bavella – Punta di a Vacca Morta or Omo di Cagna and l’Ospédale ..

With 8 main massifs, of which 4 actually exceed 2000m:

Tenda (Monte Asto: 1533m), San Pedrone (1766m), Cinto (2710m), Rotondo (2625m), which also possesses several glacial lakes. Renoso (2357m) – and is the highest peak south of the island. Incudine – (the needles of Bavella, 2136m, which has limestone surfacing in some parts). Ospédale (1381m Monte Calvo) – Cagna (Punta d’Ovace 1339m) – Capu Tafanatu (2343m). Up in the Cap Corse, the Monte Stello would be the highest with 1307m, and just imagine, from San Pedrone, you can see the Cap Corse and literally discover/admire the chestnut forests in the Castagniccia!

Photo credit: LichtSchattenSucher © the needles of Bavella

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