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Corsica and its aquatic environment – reflections, and a certain preparation for the future

Dernière mise à jour de cette page le 27/08/2013

As you may imagine, this island has always possessed a high percentage of fishermen, it’s part of the natural heritage and traditions, families have handed down through the generations – but also a high percentage of deep-sea divers, exploring, discovering, venturing and transmitting.
Corsica, so much part of the Mediterranean treasury, with its three million tourists every year, and 700,000 visitors to the nature reserve of Scandola alone – will need to keep an alert eye on its maritime affairs too, for the increasing numbers of boats is not to be neglected within the surroundings of this small island. An interesting point here which came to my attention recently and which I would like to underline, is the fact that the renowned Routard Guide recently announced Corsica as being the first destination of French departments that is sought after. This is good news, but this also means being vigilant as regards the appropriate functioning of the choice of leisure, in order to always respect the natural environment. The fact that there are many protected species contributes to the maintaining of their existence, to the continual studying of these species and to the protection of nature from probably her worst enemy, man himself.
A concern is the increasing diminution of certain fish, and this of course is a major concern globally too, (also relates back to my article on The Abyss Festival, where it was blatantly portrayed ). For a certain time, it was thought preferable to catch mature and adult fish, whereas now the opposite appears more correct, and we see from experience and time, the results of such decisions. It is often the way though isn’t it, we need judgement and logic to attain a certain knowledge. We need to remember that the aquatic environment forms fragile ecosystems here, also characterised by one of Europe’s highest rate of endemic species – here again, the substantial quantity of species also portrays the ‘good health’ of this environment.
There are several favourite locations for fishing around Ajaccio in particular: the Sanguinaires Islands, Capo di Muro, Isolella, Castagna …

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